Amilda Coffman

For Amilda Coffman, PPLSI was her main focus from the start! “I saw the opportunity for sharing this service immediately,” she stated. In...

Tommy & Ingrid Sardine

If the dream is big enough, the facts don’t count! This is a philosophy that the Sardines live by. Tommy and Ingrid started their PPLSI...

William Carlos & Sheila Byrd

Before PPLSI, I worked for an automaker corporation and my wife worked in healthcare. Because of our jobs, we didn’t have much time to enjoy...

Stephanie Boley

WOW!!! What a journey it’s been the past 14 years and so excited about the future!! Life has changed for me a lot the past few years, but...

Patrick & Millie Gibbs

We have been with PPLSI since December 2003. When our journey began, we had careers in real estate, insurance and nursing.

We realized that...

Nakia Jones-Mack

I have a former background as a medical assistant. But now because of my PPLSI business, I have been able to pursue my passion for dancing...

Miriam Simelton Anderson

I’m blessed! Before the PPLSI opportunity was introduced to me, I worked as a nurse, a non-attorney Social Security representative, a...

Mark Alexander

I was in optical for 13 years and then everything changed. With three jobs and raising twin girls, life was challenging but very rewarding...

Katy Huff Mortensen

I was a registered nurse who had sold pharmaceuticals at the same time when I joined PPLSi in 1999. I was tired of living in hotels and...

Nicole Remaly

Before PPLSI, I was a phlebotomist. I joined PPLSI several years ago but didn’t really take it seriously. I reached the Director level but...

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