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Medical, Sales


I was a registered nurse who had sold pharmaceuticals at the same time when I joined PPLSi in 1999. I was tired of living in hotels and driving 800 to 1,000 miles each week when I got downsized from my company. I was grateful and excited to be able to focus completely on building my PPLSI business starting in 2004, by working in the Business Solutions division of our company while recruiting other like-minded people.

It is the best opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives with our amazing products which give people peace of mind, while you’re also making an incredible living. There are many reasons why being an associate with PPLSI is so rewarding. First, we give people a wall of protection around them and their families by having access to the legal system which empowers them to know their rights and make good decisions. Second, we live our lives on purpose with so many opportunities to live well while doing good for others. Giving back to our communities with our services while living a wonderful life is a blessing and a gift.

In 2020 I was blessed to get married to my best friend, the man of my dreams. I was able to impact hundreds of families with our services through innovative processes. I supported six different charities and became an Amazon best-selling author of UNMASKED, the Power of Courage and Vulnerability to Live Free. The best part of PPLSI is the incredible family we have created over the years, as we have worked together and traveled together, celebrating life and the impact we are making in people’s lives in North America.

Due to PPLSI and the amazing relationships we have built, I was blessed to have many associates celebrate my wedding with me in Montana on a mountain in May. I am grateful.

My greatest achievement was being recognized as the Trainer of the Year. I’m also proud of being a Millionaire Club Member and writing 9,500 memberships from Montana.

My advice is to learn the system, work the system and NEVER quit, work one day at a time with constant and never-ending improvement. In 2021, I hit the $200,000 Ring level, I was recognized as a PC Legend, experienced the all expense paid trip to Cabo with my husband David and was interviewed by Joyce Meyer Ministries regarding my book! #GRATEFUL #BLESSED

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