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WOW!!! What a journey it’s been the past 15 years and so excited about the future!! Life has changed for me a lot the past few years, but the one thing that has remained steadfast is my PPLSI business. Fourteen years ago my daughter, Hayleigh Boley, to the left of me in the picture, was only 8 yrs old and I had missed a lot of her life working and taking her to daycare. My background was in nursing and real estate and although I earned good income, I had little time. I started PPLSI with consistency and focus on building a team- which led to my ability to work from home. From that point on I no longer had to miss being in the school lines, school activities etc. Today my daughter is 22 and a Senior Manager herself with the company. I am so blessed to have found love again and remarried in 2021 and now am in business with my husband, Bryan Baker, and my two wonderful step kids, Cole and Haley Baker who have also joined us in the business. PPLSI has provided me so much personal growth over the years, incredible friendships and mentorships, fabulous vacations, and great income. I work all areas of the business and want to not only continue to grow, but to mainly help others grow their PPLSI business so they too can live the life they choose and the life God has Purposed them to live. We all should be living our purpose and serving the masses. PPLSI is an incredible vehicle to help you do that.

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