Jason & Kacy Lavender

I have heard it said that time flies when you are having fun. That definitely rings true after joining this company back in 2003! We are...

Ali C. Sanders

Hello, PPLSI family. I’m honored, excited and thankful to God that I’m being featured in the Profiles of Success 2021. PPLSI has provided me...

"Haas" Hasnain & Tahera Khaku

Our advice? Live a meaningful life of significance, abundance, love and kindness. Have fun, get excited and live more. Dream big and NEVER...

Winnie Chau

Hello, everyone. I’m Winnie Chau from Vancouver, Canada. Today, I’m very excited to share my story. Before I joined PPLSI, I used to work as...

Terry Fitch

In 1995, I left my job as vice president of a publicly traded company to work for myself. After building and selling multiple businesses, I...

Sara Bryan

My husband, Don, became involved with PPLSI through his friendship with the Charles Anderson and Associates law firm. He was convinced that...

Rebecca Baker Foulk

I feel deeply blessed to be able to live the American dream, thanks to PPLSI! I am a single mother and have the opportunity to help out at...

Phyllis & Maurice Adams

Prior to PPLSI, I was a stay-at-home mother raising my daughters, Sarah and Marguerite. In 2001, when I decided to reenter the work world, I...

Joanna Yang

I worked as a programmer when I immigrated to Canada. I was paid well, worked from home and my employers and colleagues were very nice. I...

Brad & Moira Roberts

When LegalShield was first introduced to me, I admit that I was skeptical, yet I saw the value in the service, and I joined as a member. I...

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