Christa G. Aufdemberg

I always knew I wanted to set my own hours and have the ability to determine my own income while building something for my future. PPLSI was...

Tommy & Ingrid Sardine

If the dream is big enough, the facts don’t count! This is a philosophy that the Sardines live by. Tommy and Ingrid started their PPLSI...

Toby & Bonnie Cutberth

Twenty-Seven years and counting! I started to work steady when I was a freshman in high school and married the love of my life, Bonnie, when...

Angie Collins

It’s amazing to think that in 2002, I decided to take part in this life-altering opportunity. After maximizing several other companies’...

Agar & Michelle Thomas

Prior to PPLSI, I was a merchandise representative with a retail warehouse club and Michelle was in property management. I also sold perfume...

Ace & Gina Fair

No cash! No contacts! No car! No problem! Because Ace Fair discovered PPLSI! At age 6, Ace set his sights on becoming an entrepreneur. At...

Tillies Alozie

PPLSI came back into my life at the right time. My background is human resources and corporate America. I spent long days at the office and...

Steve & Christie Chism

Steve was a police officer for 23 years, and he had a LegalShield Membership. Christie worked as an office manager for a mental health...

Roland Schriever

My background was in the shoe business as a corporate vice president and business owner. While traveling in the shoe business, a friend of...

Robin Lu

I moved to Canada as an immigrant around 2000. I was an electrical engineer in China, but I could not find a job as an engineer in Canada. I...

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