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Banking/Finance, Law Enforcement


Before we were introduced to PPLSI, Ted was in law enforcement, and I was a bank auditor. My corporate career required me to work 10 to 12 hours a day, leaving little time to spend with my kids, Judy, Teddy and Esperanza. We missed our children something terrible. Ted worked six days a week and most holidays. After my husband’s neurosurgery, we are now retired from our day jobs and only working on our PPLSI business, and we are enjoying time with our kids and grandkids. We became involved in PPLSI in 1984, after attending a meeting held by Mr. Wilburn Smith in Tulsa. More than three decades later, we are still very excited about PPLSI and its promise to provide the best value in America with its legal protection plan.

PPLSI is the perfect business opportunity to enable you to build success while helping people. It has also provided our family with a comfortable life for all the years of working this business. Getting involved with PPLSI was the best decision we made in our lives; we highly recommend it.

To the PPLSI Home Office staff, I say that you are awesome!

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