Profiles of Success

Law Enforcement, Management, Mental Health, Office, Sales


Steve was a police officer for 23 years, and he had a LegalShield Membership. Christie worked as an office manager for a mental health clinic. “We had always prayed for a financial blessing but then tried to answer the prayers ourselves, getting in God’s way. This time we prayed specifically — Lord, bring us something that we don’t even suspect, something that we cannot take credit for. A few nights later, we sat across from the guy who had sold Steve his LegalShield Membership 18 years prior. He and his wife had an air of success about them, and our conversation revealed that they had been very blessed in their business. They shared with us the PPLSI opportunity. And the rest is history.”

Steve and Christie say they are offering a service that can be truly life-changing for people and can help with some of life’s most overwhelming problems. The residuals they earn allow them to leave a legacy for their children — Andrea, Wade, Jessica, Kellee, Shyla and Gaven. “Because of PPLSI, we work together. Christie left her office manager job and now works our PPLSI business with me. We learned we can work together without killing each other! We feel this has truly strengthened our marriage. This year, we plan to help more people realize their dreams and in doing this, we will reach the Platinum Executive Director level ourselves.”

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