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We are Rodney and Thao Sommerville of Winston-Salem, NC by way of Buffalo, NY and Vietnam. Before PPLSI we both worked successfully in corporate America. I was a civil engineer and Thao worked as a human resource professional. We got started with PPLSI because we were buried in debt up to our ears and were desperately in need of a financial opportunity. What we like best about this opportunity is the ability to enjoy time and flexibility as well as offer people access to the legal system and identity theft protection services, the opportunity to create additional income streams, and the chance to leave an incredible legacy for our family. We've been with PPLSI for over 20 years and because of the success system, incredible mentors and team we're able to live a life most can only dream about. We are truly with a company where you can accomplish your goals, with focus and determination. 2022 was another fascinating year of lessons learned, adjustments to make, and character to build, and as an organization our Fortune International Family has some major goals that we are laser focused on this year... and together, we are breaking FREE in 2023!

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