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As a single mom, I have encountered my share of struggles. Two months after my divorce, I lost my job with a Fortune 500 company. Going from being the breadwinner of a two-income family to a single mom with no job was terrifying.

After realizing the hourly wages at other jobs was not going to be enough, I decided to get my insurance license. A few years later, I was approached by a friend to look at PPLSI. I was already overwhelmed and knew I couldn’t take on anything else. But before saying NO, I went to the meeting to see what it was all about. I was pleasantly surprised. I realized two things. First, the membership could have helped me personally in the past, and second, I could actually see myself incorporating it into my insurance business.

Because of PPLSI, I was able to attend most of my kid’s school events and ballgames. I can be more involved with charities as well as travel and take family and friends with me.

I have learned how quickly your situation can change and how important it is to have multiple streams of income. PPLSI is a great opportunity to provide that. I am grateful that I can make a living while making a difference and for the person that I continue to become throughout my PPLSI journey.

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