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Linda and Alex are mission-driven leaders who joined forces 19 years ago and have been busy developing win-win relationships from coast to coast ever since.

For Linda, PPLSI was love at first sight. “When I first started, I was waiting on tables and really didn’t have much of a background, but I loved the idea of being independent, creating my own schedule and being accountable to myself. I instantly fell in love with the service because I could understand the need. My father had been a small-town attorney and public servant. People who couldn’t afford $250-per-hour attorneys were always at our house. He would counsel them in our living room at all hours of the day or night and often times they either couldn’t afford to pay him or he wouldn’t accept payment. From that experience I learned why families would need a program like PPLSI, and that’s why over 35 years later I am still as committed as I am to the mission today. PPLSI is it for me!”

For Alex, the rewarding nature of the business is also what made PPLSI the ultimate choice. While he experienced some perks with high-paying sales and marketing projects in corporate America, he says, “There were some things missing. I longed to find work that was purposeful that I could be passionate about. I wanted to find something that was not only paying my bills but also something I truly believed in. Many people I knew who were making a lot of money weren’t necessarily doing so for the greater good of humanity — more of just something they did to pay the bills. And many people I knew who were actually doing what they believed in and were passionate about weren’t always paid well for their efforts. I wanted something with both, and I found this rare combination with PPLSI.”

Linda and Alex enjoy empowering households and businesses with one-of-a-kind solutions that provide peace of mind and confidence. They also enjoy partnering with like-minded professionals who believe in the value of the services and are attracted to the mission of protecting all North Americans from injustice, making equal justice for all a reality for everyone. Linda and Alex lead a large team who have collectively enrolled over 750,000 households so far!

They operate under constant and never-ending improvement and are always looking for better ways to serve and add more value to their clients and business associates. Linda says, “I love building something really meaningful and empowering other people along the way.”

Linda and Alex consistently earned top organizational retention awards. You know it’s a great product when people keep the service for decades!

“Thank God for PPLSI,” Linda says. “Thank you to all of our friends, mentors and associates who have been a part of this beautiful journey. And a special heartfelt thank you goes to the late Harland Stonecipher and Shirley Stonecipher for spending 40 years of your lives making this awesome mission a reality. The best is yet to come!”

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