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For myself, PPLS has meant different things at different seasons. I have had many life-changing events occur during my journey with this company that have forever changed the trajectory of my life. Divorce, the passing away of my daughter, moving multiple times, a nine-year custody battle for my grandson, an on-going family addiction and legal and financial trials and tribulations.

After I became an associate, I went through a very arduous, impactful divorce. I had to make an immediate life choice. How am I going to make a living? Go back to corporate America? I had worked as a cake decorator, which led to five surgeries on my hands and arms and resulted in chronic nerve damage. Build a new business? We had built a successful business of correlating services landscaping/excavating/hauling/septic installation and sanitation (which is a lovely way of saying garbage services.) Maybe go back to school and do what? And work at the same time? So PPLSI it was! I built a large organization, but during the recession, my team gradually quit until only one person was left and then my daughter passed away. That changed my perspective on life, work, team building, business and family.

I shifted to the group and B2B arenas. Because of the flexibility of owning my own business, I’ve been able to grieve, fight for my grandson, relocate several times and eventually I learned to live and love life again.

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