Profiles of Success



For over a decade we have had the joy of working with PPLSI, helping people and building a business. Jonathan joined PPLSI three weeks after arriving in the USA from the UK after retiring as CEO of a national charity. Karleen is a retired elementary school teacher. We are what is affectionately referred to as “Seniors”. We still love working with PPLSI even if we do so a little more part-time these days.

PPLSI has provided us with so many things through the years, not just as associates, but also as members. We feel that this business provides us, not only with additional income, but also with the deep satisfaction of helping people everyday. For someone starting with PPLSI, we would say focus, focus, focus! Oh, and by the way, this book isn’t just full of successful people but full of wonderful friends. The friends you meet is the hidden, and wonderful, bonus of being an associate with PPLSI!

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