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Bob Levy always had an instinct for recognizing cutting-edge trends. In the late 1960s, he co-founded one of the first stores in the south that sold bell-bottoms, which grew to over 1,000 stores, nationwide! Bob and his wife, Vickie, went on to found, develop and sell several other businesses in Atlanta over the years.

In the fall of 1998, they were introduced to PPLSI. Bob realized that the membership could have saved him thousands of dollars throughout his business career. He wanted to be a part of this company that was making history, by making legal services affordable to everyone in North America.

Our beloved Bob passed away at 78, on April 30th, 2022, after a 2 ½ year long illness.

During his 23-year career with PPLSI, he left a legacy of inspiration to many. Over the years, as he helped many build their PPLSI businesses, both as a Group Trainer and a coach, he also built a successful team of his own, and personal business for his family.

That business lives on and continues to provide a way to make a living, and a significant residual income for his wife and business partner, Vickie.

Vickie says, “Bob was so thankful for our hard-working team leaders, Charlie Fowler and Sherranda and Lewis Ivey and their powerful organizations, including Terri Gibson and her team. “We are especially grateful for Mike, Steve and Kim Melia, as well as Nick and Gayle Serba, for showing us the way to build a successful business.

“Bob and I have always enjoyed the wonderful life and freedom that PPLSI has afforded us. Fifteen years ago, we purchased our dream home in the north Georgia mountains, which Bob always called his ‘Performance Club house’, because we made the down payment with the savings from our monthly bonus check. That home was his Paradise, for the rest of his life.

“And Bob and I always appreciated our founders and true heroes, Shirley and Harland Stonecipher, who pioneered this industry through their vision and sacrifice. We have been honored to continue their dream to provide access to equal justice. We still believe, like them, that the product we have is unique, important and one of the best opportunities in North America to earn a living, while making a difference.”

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