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Hello, PPLSI family. I’m honored, excited and thankful to God that I’m being featured in the Profiles of Success 2021. PPLSI has provided me such a rewarding experience and opportunity.

My professional background is in the financial industry. I have also owned and operated a credit consulting and restoration company for the last 18 years.

I joined because I was a product of the product— first and foremost. The access my membership provided me was unmatched and quite frankly unheard of.

The professionalism, knowledge and timely responses of our law firms really won me over. So I immediately opted to become fully vested in the business opportunity and that was one of the best decisions I made.

What I originally loved most about the PPLSI opportunity was the financial aspect of what I could earn if I committed to the system, worked hard and focused on achieving results. But then I started to meet other PPLSI Associates at our big events and formed relationship bonds with them. Friends quickly turned into family. Our yearly incentive trips became huge family reunions. I liken it to a threefold cord that can never be broken and that has truly been most rewarding.

PPLSI has shaped many defining moments in my life. With God’s grace, I’ve been able to bless nearly 7,000 lives personally with our superior membership products. PPLSI has afforded me an opportunity to travel because I’ve earned many all-expenses paid vacations. PPLSI has provided me close to 30 achievement awards, if not more. PPLSI allowed me to earn my $100,000 Ring. And in January 2021, I received one of the best calls of my life. I am now one a Millionaire Club Member with PPLSI. When you align your personality, passion and purpose, nothing can stop you.

My challenge to you is this: When the journey becomes the loneliest, do not quit. When team members walk away and the face of your organization changes, do not quit! In this pandemic, do not quit. Never quit trying. Never quit striving. Never quit PPLSI.

Your diligence, loyalty and integrity will pay off.

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